About Us

About Nourish

Anything we put in or on our bodies should nourish us, and yet whenever we shop, we have to tick a hundred check boxes to filter through a sea of products to be able to make conscious choices. Nourish by EatRoamLive is a marketplace with a difference, where you don’t have to apply any filters – EVERYTHING is good for you and the planet.

Over the last two years we’ve met some amazing people and organised a lot of events including the first ever Singapore Vegan Festival that brought so many sustainable, quality products together, under one roof. The overwhelming response from the community made us realise that this needed to become a more permanent affair. And so, we created a Nourish, a platform for healthier, sustainable & plant-based products all under one virtual roof!

Brands and products available on the Nourish Marketplace are carefully curated after ensuring that they are ethical, cruelty free and follow sustainable practices. We also try our best to offer a plethora of options that are healthier and clean – devoid of preservatives, nasties and even refined sugars. There is also a wide range of Organic and Gluten free products available along with Ayurveda and TCM based products.

When you shop at Nourish, not only do you choose the best for yourself, you also support homegrown, passion fuelled, sustainable businesses that make all their products with one common, key ingredient – love. Be it food, travel, fashion or skincare, we help you discover brands and experiences that are ethical, clean, cruelty-free and simply fabulous.


About EatRoamLive

EatRoamLive is a Media and Events Platform that promotes and facilitates a healthier, ethical and environmentally friendly veg(etari)an way of life. With the goal to make a veg(etari)an lifestyle in Singapore easier and more accessible, ERL covers all things veg(etari)an on their platform – veg focused restaurant reviews, food & finds, recipes & recommendations. ERL also hosts Vegan Traders’ Markets and Vegan Dining Events in collaboration with restaurants. EatRoamLive also hosts the Singapore Vegan Festival annually.