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About Us


To inspire people to choose products that are better for their health and for the planet's

One of the most significant and direct ways you can reduce your carbon footprint is by opting for plant-based products. Every time you choose plant-based, you choose compassion, health and a greener future for everyone. All products you buy at Nourish are ethical, vegan and cruelty free.

When you shop local, not only do you make a sustainable choice, but you also support a small business run by real people who are working hard to make artisanal and top quality products from scratch. A majority of brands at Nourish are run by passionate, small and medium business owners.

When you nourish your body, it gives back to you. Your health and wellness goals are only a few conscious choices away. You cannot go back to the time of growing your own food but by shopping at Nourish, you can come pretty close!


Any thing we put in or on our bodies should nourish us, and yet whenever we shop, we have to tick a hundred check boxes to filter through a sea of products to be able to make conscious choices. Nourish by EatRoamLive is a marketplace with a difference, where you don’t have to apply any filters – EVERYTHING is good for you and the planet. 

Over the last two years we’ve met some amazing people and organised a lot of events including the first ever Singapore Vegan Festival that brought so many sustainable, quality products together, under one roof. The overwhelming response from the community made us realise that this needed to become a more permanent affair. And so, we created a Nourish, a platform for healthy, sustainable & plant-based products all under one virtual roof!

Brands and products available on Nourish are carefully curated after ensuring that they are ethical, cruelty free and follow sustainable practices. We also offer a plethora of options that are healthier and clean – devoid of preservatives, nasties and even refined sugars. There is also a wide range of Organic and Gluten free products available along with Ayurveda and TCM based products.

When you shop at Nourish, not only do you choose the best for yourself, you also support homegrown, passion fueled, sustainable businesses that truly put their heart into their products. Be it food, travel, fashion or skincare, we help you discover brands and experiences that are ethical, clean, cruelty-free and simply fabulous.


EatRoamLive is a Media & Events platform that promotes and facilitates a healthier, ethical and environmentally friendly vegan way of life.

For the last 4 years, EatRoamLive has been a resource for vegans and vegetarians, aiming to make plant-based food more accessible. With ample food reviews, restaurant suggestions and vegan recipes, along with Vegan Dining Events and Vegan Farmer’s Markets, ERL is your one stop shop for vegan living in Singapore.

Through Nourish, we connect veg-friendly businesses with vegetarian and vegan consumers, or those who are consciously looking to make their plates greener. Be it food, travel fashion or skincare, we help you discover brands and experiences that are ethical, sustainable, cruelty-free and simply fabulous.

Our flagship event, Singapore Vegan Festival is aimed at spreading awareness about plant-based food products and proving that vegan doesn’t mean boring. There is an abundance of amazing vegan options in Singapore that keep increasing manifold every year. Geared towards encouraging vegans to explore fresh options and offer interesting alternatives for those who are curious about a vegan lifestyle, the festival embraces people across their ethical/vegan journey.

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