Amazin’ Graze Black Sesame Almond Butter (180gm)


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Lightly roasted almonds and black sesame stone-ground into a rich flavourful butter.

You’ll be spreading this like there’s no tomorrow once we tell you that Black Sesame is believed to have anti-ageing properties thanks to its rich sources of Vitamin-B and Iron. No palm oil and no salt – just pure goodness. Feel good with every mouthful (it’s not too good to be true!).

Ingredients: Almonds, Toasted Black Sesame Seed, Organic Molasses.

Gluten-free: All Amazin’ Graze Snacks are made from ingredients that naturally do not contain any gluten. However, they are not certified gluten-free, and so may contain small traces of gluten from cross-contamination at their source.

Nut-free: No