Confetti Lovely Veggie Chips – Tandoori Curry


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Ugly veggies, lovely chips! We put the ‘oo’ in Tandoori in this exotic adventure, bursting with plant goodness, lemongrass and exotic spices. Ooh la la! Confetti commits to maximizing the use of ugly vegetables to craft our award winning snacks to upcycle food waste into delicious and nutrient dense snacks.

Vegan, GF, nutrient dense, made from real vegetables, high fiber, upcycled from ugly produce, mission driven

– Source of Vitamin C, Magnesium and Calcium. Free from MSG, Trans fat, and Gluten-free.
– 100% plant-based, vegan-friendly, 6 servings of vegetables and fruit in each bag.

Ingredients: Red Radish, Carrot, Green Radish, Okra, Shitake Mushroom, Purple Sweet Potato, Green Curry Seasoning, Natural Spice Mix (Curry, onion, garlic, chilli), Rice Bran Oil, Maltose, Sea Salt.

Gluten- Free: Yes

Confetti Fine Foods pledges 1% of its sales, and is committed to ending hunger and global environmental initiatives.