Gratefood Co Keto Friendly Pure Monk Fruit Sweetener (25gm)


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Gratefood Supprrrfood Originals Pure Monkfruit Extract Powder contains zero erythritol. Our premium monk fruit extract (Mogrosides 50%) is almost 240 times the sweetness of cane sugar without the calories nor the bitter after test of lower grade monk fruit extract or blended sugar. There are consumers who cannot take Erythritol and have cases of allergy, diarrhoea or discomfort from consuming Erythritol.

Less is more. Add a dash to your coffee, tea, bakes and unsweetened açaí juice and smoothies i.e avocado açaí (for a keto based diet)

With Gratefood Supprrrfood Originals, you are assured this product is as nature intended with no added sweetener/sugar, emulsifiers, stabilisers, preservatives and any other artificial nasties.

Ingredients: Monk Fruit

Gluten-Free: Yes

Nut-Free: Yes