Gretel Sprouted Cashew Butter 180g


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Sprouted cashews blended together with olive oil into a smooth butter. No sugar, salt or additives added just natural sweetness of the cashews. Top to your oatmeal, blend into your smoothie, add to your muffins or upgrade your sandwiches with our sprouted cashew butter

Net weight: 180 gm

Ingredients: Sprouted Cashews, Olive Oil

What is PHYTIC ACID? Phytic Acid a.k.a. anti-nutrient prevents our body from absorbing essential minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, chromium, manganese and many more.

The Benefits of Sprouting Nuts:

  • Reduces Phytic Acid – Gretel Sprouting reduces this acid from the nut
  • More Nutrients – The reduction of the acid enables our bodies to absorb nutrients and minerals by several folds.
  • Increase Digestibility – When our bodies try to breakdown the phytic acid it can add pressure onto the digestive system. The sprouting reduces the acid and prevents bloating and cramping.
  • Not Roasted – Gretel nuts are baked at the right temperature and are not roasted so all the essential nutrients remain intact.