Kallo Organic Mushroom Stock Cubes (66g)


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“I’m a most tasty chap,” the mushroom declared, “My flavour is such, it deserves to be shared. I’m great in a bake, divine in a stew, It’s been said that I’m good in a casserole too!”

“Okay,” said the onion, “enough of this show. We all understand: you’re a fun-gi to know.”

Kallo Organic Mushroom Stock Cubes are made from 100% natural ingredients including organic mushrooms and the finest herbs. These rich and flavoursome stock cubes are gluten free and the ideal way to enhance the natural flavours of your home prepared dishes.

Ingredients: Sea salt, potato starch, sustainable palm oil, mushrooms (5.6%), yeast extract, garlic, herbs(thyme, rosemary, lovage, parsley), onion, caramelised sugar, turmeric, black pepper.