Kick-Ass Carrot Kimchi Hummus by Loaded Gun Kitchen (100g-220g)



A Diabolically Punchy Trip

We took a classic hummus and mated it to our  Home-Made Vegan Kimchi, made from carrots cooked in a house broth and fermented for over 2 weeks to help it achieve a delicious funk.

Ingredients: Chickpeas, carrot kimchi (Vegetable broth*, potato, korean red pepper flakes, yellow onion, garlic, ginger, white sugar, glutinous rice flour), organic white hulled tahini, olive oil, celtic sea salt *Boiled with radish, dried shiitake mushrooms, green cabbage, dried kelp, daikon, yellow onion, green onions.

Gluten free : yes
Nut free : yes

Storage instructions: Keep refrigerated. Best consumed within 14 days from date of delivery


100g, 220g