LIMITED EDITION Black Bean with Green Kernal Tempeh by Angie's Tempeh


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ENDING SOON! A limited run of a new flavour tempeh.

It’s Black Bean with Green Kernal Tempeh 有機青仁黑豆天贝

This sort of black bean is commonly used to boil Chinese herbal soups. The beans were de-hulled and left the green kernels exposed such that the tempeh culture can more easily ferment the beans. Enjoy!

Ingredients :Organic Black Beans & Green Kernals, Culture (Rhizopus oligosporous), Filtered Water

Non-GMO | Gluten-free | Cholesterol-free | Low in sodium | Low in saturated fat | Vegan

Storage and Handling :
If tempeh is delivered frozen, store in freezer (-12 degree C and below) for upto 2-3 months. Thaw the tempeh in the chiller for 1-2 hours and cook it immediately after.
If tempeh is delivered chilled, refrigerate at 0-4°C and consume within 1 week from delivery. For longer life, you can freeze it at (-12 degree C and below) for up to 2-3 months

Gluten-free: Yes
Nut-free: Yes