McLeod Russel Masala Tea 200g


From India’s largest producer of tea. A warm, rich, and bold cup blended harmoniously with a traditional spice mix. This blend is well-complimented with plant-based milks, especially oat milk.

Size: 250gm / 100+ Cups

Ingredients: Black Tea, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Black Pepper, Clove

TASTING NOTES: This traditional blend of rich, robust Assam chai with a mix of aromatic spices is bold and malty, characteristic of its Assam roots, with a warm, spicy flavour and aroma. This blend is well complemented with plant-based milks, especially oat milk. Perfect for a hot cuppa on a cold or rainy day!

FARM FRESH: The finest handpicked leaf is blended, vacuum packed, and sealed at factories within a few hours of manufacture, ensuring the tea in your cup is fresh and flavoursome.

ENVIRONMENT: The company’s collaboration with Rainforest Alliance reinforces their commitment to ensure that their practices are aligned with environmental and climate conservation principles, as well as their social responsibilities.

SOCIAL IMPACT: Their engagement with U.N. Women and UNICEF spreads awareness, provides protection, and enables the empowerment of women and children.