Ministry of Balls Faux Chocolate Truffle Balls



Filled with lots of love & nutrition, packed with protein, fiber and healthy natural fats of the nuts – the energy balls are the perfect go to snack for all age groups. This is our Best Seller! Brimming with nutrition, we continue our love affair with faux chocolate truffles. Just a perfect blend of the nuts and seeds to bring you the right amount of nutrition on those extra busy days.

Each box contains 6×22 gm balls. * Also available in the chilly variant to serve as a perfect accompaniment for your chilled wines.

Ingredients: Almonds, dates, raw cacao powder, hazelnut, almond butter and chia seeds

Gluten-Free: Yes

*Please note that there is a whole hazelnut in the centre of each Faux Chocolate Truffle Ball, so please exercise caution while feeding it to kids. Little kids should not pop the whole ball into their mouth.