Papa's Grove Greek Organic Oregano (12gm)


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The ultimate Mediterranean spice – with a rich, characteristic aroma and bursting with flavour. Papa’s Grove oregano is a product of organic farming, collected by hand from wildcrafted plants in our hills, naturally dehydrated, and rubbed by hand. The smell is heavenly! The word oregano comes from the Greek words “oros” which means mountain and “ganos” that means bright, thus it is “the plant that brightens the mountain”. This same plant carries noticeable antioxidant, strong antiviral and antibacterial properties and as such, it can strengthen the immune system. It can be used against chronic or acute bronchitis and chesty coughs. Finally it is able to ease digestion and constipation. Direction of Use: Oregano can be used in dishes that contain poultry, bread, potatoes, feta cheese, salads, tomato based sauces, pies and we can also use it to marinate meats and fishes. If we do not want to lose its taste while the food is being cooked it is best to add at the end of cooking while we are grinding it a bit with our hand in order to release its aroma.

Gluten-Free: Yes
Nut-Free: Yes