mohjo Pure Cacao Almond Milk (300 - 500ml)



Single-origin, cold pressed cacao beans blended with sweet dates and nutty almonds. This is what sinfully rich chocolaty dreams are made of.

Ingredients: Sprouted Australian almonds, Iranian dates, Peruvian cacao Himalayan salt, Water and good karma

Shelf life: 6 days
* mohjo is available for delivery on Tuesdays & Saturdays only (made fresh the same day). We’re currently unable to deliver this on Thursday, due to the production cycle. If you purchase the Almond Milk, please choose the delivery day accordingly. 

Reach for your mohjo Pure Cacao when you need:

  • A healthy and nutritious cup of hot chocolate.
         (Just heat it and pour into your mug)
  • A tasty chocolate bar minus all the guilt.
  • A mid-day snack for when you’re on-the-run
  • A pick-me-up or a guilt-free pat on the back
  • A ‘life is good’ treat before bedtime

300ml, 500ml