Ribes-Oli Troncal Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml


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A top category oilve oil, 100% Arbequina, picked up using natural methods. Grinded immmediately after harvesting and stored in a stainless steel tank in a fresh place away from heat sources. The grinding is carried out in cold, reducing the time of extraction and selecting only the flower of the olives.

These Olive Oils comes from the best olives from the farm, cared and treated in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, from harvesting to bottling, resulting in premium olive oil.

  • Made from 100% “Arbequina” olives from Alicante, Spain
  • Max acidity: <0.2%
  • Dense and luminous from green olives
  • Cold pressed oil with exceptional freshness
  • Complex and varied set of aromas which find most resemblance with tastes of banana, apple and tomato, with the aftertaste of agreeable notes of mild vanilla giving the oil a mild yet fresh and vibrant finish.
  • This oil works exceptionally well when drizzled on warm and cold dishes as a finishing touch.