Ribes-Oli Troncal Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml


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A top category oilve oil, 100% Picual, picked up using natural methods. Grinded immmediately after harvesting and stored in a stainless steel tank in a fresh place away from heat sources. The grinding is carried out in cold, reducing the time of extraction and selecting only the flower of the oil.

  • Made from 100% “Picual” olives from Alicante, Spain
  • Max acidity: <0.2%
  • Dense and luminous oil from green Olives
  • Cold pressed oil of rare taste with exceptional freshness
  • Intense flavour of freshly cut grass. In the nose – a fruity sensation is perceived with slight touches of almond and banana mixed with vegetable aromas of the tomato and artichoke plants.
  • Go to oil for natural dressings and salads. The oil works exceptionally well when drizzled on warm and cold dishes as a finishing touch.