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RÓA Midnight Grand



RÓA Midnight Grand Chocolate Cake consists of 3 incredibly smooth layers of fluffy dark chocolate sponge, layered with dark chocolate ganache that is lovingly en wrapped with chocolate, real edible gold flakes and Moroccan rosebuds.

Using avocados and not butter, brown rice milk, and psyllium husk, RÓA cakes and cupcakes are amazingly light on calories. RÓA Midnight Grand Chocolate Cake tastes just like a chocolate cake but is much healthier, extremely light and might we say, quite possibly more delicious than the chocolate standard. Our 6-inch Midnight Grand Cake can be split into 10 – 12 decent servings.

RÓA Cakes do not contain any animal products, excess calories or gluten.

Gluten-Free: Yes
Nut-Free: Yes

Storage & Shelf-life: Please refrigerate and consume within 3 days. Best consumed warm, heating instructions can be found on the box.

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