LIMITED-EDITION RASPBERRY MOUSSE CHOCOLATE CAKE in velvety luxe cream-colored box case.

Get ready for Mothers to be blown away by the depth of flavours and intricate textures. The five distinct layers represent a depth of gratitude for everything our Mothers have done for us.

With the first bite, you would be greeted by the luscious, velvety smooth Raspberry Mousse. Fluffy and light with raspberry tanginess.
The second layer is the compote which consists of 100% raspberry that forms into a delectably appetising puree for this cake.
After sinking your teeth into its core, you will meet the main interior which is the layer of our Signature Chocolate Sponge.
Coming up next would be the ganache. A rich chocolate Ganache made with Callebaut’s first allergen free NXT chocolate, not only is the rich medium cocoa chocolate smooth and creamy, but also sure to melt in your mouth. To wrap up the entire mixture of flavours, it is finished with a crunchy vanilla raspberry base layer.

There is no need to be concerned with any artificial flavourings as it is purely made from raspberries and natural raspberry powder.

Storage: Store in Fridge (below 4°C) and consume within 5 days.

Gluten-Free: Yes
Nut-Free: Yes

Storage & Shelf-life: Please refrigerate and consume within 3 days. Best consumed warm, heating instructions can be found on the box.

Beautiful Packaging With Personalised Messages

RÓA™️ Chocolat Gâteaux Mousse Cake comes in a stunning velvety gift box made from high quality finishing and sturdy boards, it’s a gift to impress and cherish for years to come. making it ideal for birthdays and celebrations. You can also personalise a message (max 20 words) and we can help pen it down in our gift card for you.

Kindly note that we DO NOT provide any disposable knives or cutlery. Also, candles are available upon request only so kindly let us know if you need any.


16 Original Flavour, 16 Mix Flavours [8 Original + 4 Mint Chocolate + 4 Citrus (Orange) Chocolate]