Sachi Soy Wine (500ml)



Sachi is the world’s first soy-based alcoholic beverage, making waves in the new generation of drinks. Targeting the global trend towards healthier lifestyles and more conscious drinking, Sachi has been developed as a result to fill that gap. Made from non-GMO soybeans, Sachi is a low calorie drink, containing only 70 calories per glass yet is high in antioxidants.

This vegan friendly and refreshing drink is lusciously sweet and full of concentrated flavour balanced by vibrant acidity, characterised by flavours of honey and apples. These notes are naturally achieved, free from additives and preservative. Drink chilled at 4 °C for the optimal experience. Best consumed by date indicated on label.

Sustainably made in Singapore.

Ingredients : Made from 100% soywhey


Comes in 2 sizes! 187ml perfect for gifting and 500ml full bottle!

Gluten Free: Yes


187ml (Mini), 500ml