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Sauerkraut Juice by Nature Nudge



Sauerkraut Juice is a hand crafted fresh fermented drink (non alcoholic). When sauerkraut is made, it releases a fair amount of liquid from the vegetables used. This liquid is full of probiotic bacteria and is very potent but very strong. We use this as a starter culture and add it to a host of vegetables and roots like ginger and turmeric, as well as other healing spices. This ingenuity leads to a light drink thats fantastic for bloating and gas.

Health Benefits: Sauerkraut juice helps with digestion. It is great for re-cultivating the gut with microbes after a course of antibiotics or after treatments like Chemo which remove all gut bacteria. This is a gentle way to repopulate the gut.

Good for:

Persons recovering from antibiotic consumption, chemotherapy

People with any kind of auto immune disorders like eczema, PCOD, Lupus, weight gain, sleep issues etc

People with constipation issues

Ingredients: Sauerkraut liquid, Cabbage, Ginger, Turmeric, Spices, Salts, Herbs, Other roots

Taste profile: Savoury, Zero sugar, Keto-friendly.

How to use: Drink 100-150 ml a day, post any one meal of your choice. Consume daily.

For children, can start with 1 tbsp.

How to store: Keep Refrigerated.

Shelf life: 8-10 weeks from date of delivery.

Gluten-Free: Yes
Nut-Free: Yes

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300ml, 750ml

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