Ribes-Oli Troncal Coupage Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml


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This EVOO comes from a selection of the best olives of our estate, in a beautiful enclave in a mountain of Alicante with Mediterranean climate and with cold winters, which favour a high quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These Olive Oils comes from the best olives from the farm, cared and treated in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, from harvesting to bottling, resulting in premium olive oil.

  • Complex blend of “Alfafara”, “Arbequina” and “Manzanilla” olives from Alicante, Spain
  • Max acidity: <0.2%
  • Dense and luminous oil from green Olives
  • Cold pressed oil which is mild yet balanced in taste
  • Aroma of freshly cut grass in combination with deep olive notes is the most common description. Various notes of regional wildflowers and green bananas can be identified as well.
  • Ideal for fresh salads but also for cooking vegan meats