mohjo Unsweetened Almond Milk (300 - 500ml)



Have you ever wondered what a whole lot of sweet, nutty, plump almonds blended with just water and nothing else tastes like?
mohjo Unsweetened almond milk is your answer.

Ingredients: Sprouted Australian almonds, Himalayan salt, Water and good karma

Shelf life: 6 days
* mohjo is available for delivery on Tuesdays & Saturdays only (made fresh the same day). We’re currently unable to deliver this on Thursday, due to the production cycle. If you purchase the Almond Milk, please choose the delivery day accordingly. 

Reach for your mohjo Unsweetened when you need

  • A dash of milk to your coffee, but can’t and won’t do dairy
  • To make a clean, dairy-free smoothie, pancake or curry
  • To watch your carbs, but still crave something yummy
  • To reach your protein goals without animal tears

300ml, 500ml