WhatIF BamNut Sweet Corn Soup Box (15 servings; 450G)


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WhatIF Sweet Corn Soup is a 100% plant-based source of complete protein, balanced in macronutrients and contains healthy lipids from flaxseeds. It has no preservatives, no artificial colouring, no MSG, no gluten and no lactose!

Designed in Singapore.
15 x 30g serving of soup powder

Ingredients: BamNut Sweet Corn Soup Powder: Sweet Corn powder, Bambara groundnut (kacang bogor) flour, plant proteins (lupin and/or pea, rice), flaxseeds, spices (garlic, onion, black pepper, ginger), salt, hydrolysed vegetable protein (soy), mushroom powder, citric acid

Gluten Free: NO
Nut Free: NO