WhatIF BamNut Ube Shake Box (15 servings; 450G)


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The WhatIF Ube Shake is the perfect companion to keep you going throughout the day

High Protein: two servings provide 11 grams of protein equivalent to two eggs (without the cholesterol!).
Calorie Control: manage your calorie intake with around 100 calories per serving⁠
Less Sugar: 57% less sugar compared to conventional shakes⁠ and market benchmarks

15 x 30g serving of shake powder

BamNut Ube Shake Powder: Bambara groundnut (kacang bogor) flour, oats powder, purple sweet potato, brown sugar, flaxseed, plant proteins (lupin and/or pea, rice), ube flavour

Gluten Free: NO
Nut Free: NO