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Buy 2 Noodles Get 1 Bamnut Milk FREE! 

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WhatIF Moringa Noodles Box With Sesame Garlic Seasoning (5 Servings; 380g) (Original Price: $8.90 each) – Currently Out Of Stock

WhatIF BamNut Noodles Box With Sweet Hot Seasoning (5 Servings; 385g) (Original Price: $8.90 each)

BamNut M?LK is a naturally nourishing milk alternative. One serving contains 7g of complete plant protein, 500mg of calcium, 2.5mcg of Vitamin D2 and 1.25mcg Vitamin B12. Bamnut M?LK is also a source of fibre and it is lactose-free.

Mindfully made, BamNut M?LK harnesses the regenerative agricultural benefits of the super resilient legume, Bambara groundnut, combined with an innovative process to achieve the smallest ecological footprint.

Did we tell you baristas love it? They call it criminally creamy! With a fine mouthfeel, it has excellent frothing properties in barista machines or coffee makers at home to delight professional and amateur baristas alike.

Gluten Free: NO
Nut Free: NO


Noodles Box Flavour 1

Moringa Noodles Box, Bamnut Noodles Box

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Moringa Noodles Box, Bamnut Noodles Box